Brukt: Envision 375

Brukt high-speed skjærer for Gerber Edge-systemet.

Full informasjon: Gerber Envision 375

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-size platforms 
    Accommodates individual sign shop needs
  • Patented punch pattern
    Provides superior accuracy which reduces material shifting, cut time and waste due to cut errors. Enables ultra long unattended runs
  • Easy material loading
    Load material onto the sprocket wheels for quick, accurate and unattended material feed
  • Re-engineered swivel knife
    Provides greatly improved cut accuracy and throughput
  • High performance servo drive
    Continuous, automatic system monitoring assures a precision cut at every position at any speed
  • View & Recover feature
    Pause the job, slew material to check, then press start to have the material automatically re-roll and resume cutting
    Fully compatible with Gerber OMEGA™ design software and Gerber EDGE® series printed graphics
  • Open architecture
    Compatible with leading design and cut software
  • Intuitive user interface
    Short learning curve and user intuitive
  • Multiple functionality
    Cutting, pen plotting and pouncing
  • Carbide knife blades
    Razor sharp and long lasting
  • Multiple blade types
    Capable of cutting a wide variety of materials with variable thickness. From standard vinyls to sandblast stencil

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